How HITS works

HITS step by step

The power of HITS lies in it’s pure simplicity for both the organizer and those responding to the survey. You’ll have the results ready for your next meeting for going through the findings and discussing proposals for developing your boardroom work.


Step 1 - Ordering

The board of the company you represent decides to do a self-evaluation, and you order our survey. You can additionally order extra services such as a written analysis of the survey results. After ordering, you will receive an email for confirming your order and instructions on how to proceed with your HITS-survey when the link is received in step 2.

Order hits

Step 2 - Opening the survey

Within one working days of the order, you will receive a link to the survey and confirmation on how any additional services will be fulfilled. Generally, you will only receive one link to share with all survey participants, and we will not be able to track who has responsed to protect the anonymity of the board members.

Step 3 - Replies

Unless otherwise specified while ordering the survey, board members have a week to reply to the survey. A tight schedule usually provides the best results. We will inform you how many replies we have received so that you can send a reminder to all the recipients should you so wish.

Step 4 - Sending the results

Within a week of ending the survey you will receive a powerpoint presentation via email containing the results of the survey. You can use it as-is or add it to another presentation for your board meeting. 

Step 5 - Showing the results

You will go through the findings of the survey in your next board meeting either on your own or with a HITS-expert. From here, the real work begins as you create a plan of action for improving your boardroom work.

Step 6 - Continous improvement of the board

You improve your work and leadership based on the findings of the survey, following up on progress in your future board meetings. In the following years you can compare survey results to previous years and see how you’ve succeeded.